The higher resolution works well enough if you don’t mind having to scroll around your desktop, but we’d just as soon ignore XP’s warnings and simply work around the few operating system dialog boxes that aren’t easily accommodated by the standard x resolution. Windows XP Home Edition operating system. Some of these steps will need repeating from time to time to clear out anything that accumulates. All of the tips are done at your own risk. That’s a very high capacity battery for a small fella, and it’s double that of the HTC Shift.

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Good connectivity with WiFi, Ethernet and a modem. The Eee PC looks just like a standard notebook, only lots smaller and more plasticky. Fast forward to pfand I was given an EeePC for 44g son. You can throw Outlook Express in there and things are OK, but full Outlook will add just enough of a burden to slow the machine down some. What it does, it does well. Asus eee pc 4g xp Pro 6, I mean makes no sense, XP wasn’t designed for systems with such a low display resolution, and asus eee pc 4g xp OS pops up a warning suggesting that you bump up the resolution to x Send Simon a donation via Tip Jar.

Sony, whose Vaio UX and TZ series notebooks illustrate their diametrically opposed design philosophy, grumbled that the likes of the Eee PC would doom the evolution of the cutting edge ultra-mobile computer.

The charger is a large wall wart that’s smaller and lighter than traditional notebook bricks there’s nothing worse than a subnotebook burdened with a large, heavy charger– thank you, ASUS.


Can run Internet, productivity and even video apps respectably. Down the bottom is the Virtual Memory section. Much of this has to do with XP vs.

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Flash drive is fast, quiet and durable– won’t crash due to motion or shock. When dialed in just right, the Eee PC is a surprisingly potent web browser.

Sound quality was clear on both ends: Speaking asus eee pc 4g xp the disk, the Eee PC 4G has a 4 gig SSD flash drive which is much faster than conventional hard drives with spinning platters and it’s impervious to motion no crashed heads if you dance with your Eee.

Windows XP is what’s new here, and for those comfortable with the OS, it’s a revelation. Finally, do a Disk Compress on the c: But in this case, XP kept nagging us with a balloon message stating that the display resolution wasn’t ideal, and could it please make things better?

Asus Eee PC 4G–X Windows XP Drivers

This number is for advertising only. Being an SSD based device the installation went very quickly and was done within 20 minutes. Men with large fingers won’t want to type on it all asus eee pc 4g xp but it’s fine for emails, posting to a blog and writing a two page Word document. Unlike a modern desktop PC, where everything seems to happen instantly, you have to give the Eee PC a second, particularly when loading applications. It easily fits into a medium size purse asus eee pc 4g xp a small backpack or briefcase.


Change system restore settings which will use a good deal of drive space by default– reduce it to the min setting or turn it off. The single button mouse button below the track pad is joint-gnawing stiff.

Mouse, neoprene carry case and asus eee pc 4g xp DVD are in the box: 4h say “was” because, so far, Ellie does not seem impressed by dad’s handywork. Tweak the user interface to match your personal preferences, add any extra applications, and you’re ready to go.

Asus’ Eee PC 4G XP sub-notebook – The Tech Report – Page 3

A lot of these can be done after installation, but it is nicer to have cp smaller footprint to begin with. The x resolution is a bit low, but we definitely managed when web browsing and working with Word documents.

Sound through the built-in stereo speakers is good and we enjoyed listening to music stored on a card through headphones. In fact, you’ll need one to install software from discs or if you ever need to restore the Eee using the included recovery DVD. It’s about the same size asus eee pc 4g xp the Eee PC 7″ model, and the display loses the big bezel and large speaker grilles. The next thing was to let Windows Update do its thing.